It’s the UK and the heat wave is still pushing on!! The grass is dead and brown. The garden needs more watering each night, and maybe in the morning too and the Jonathan Bucks of the Mail on Sunday ran an article this week on the fact that there will be a shortage of Broccoli and Cauliflower. David Simmons, from Riviera Produce, one of the country’s largest producers of broccoli said “We need a lot of rain and cooler conditions to keep these crops growing through the summer”. 
Well what has this got to do with HydroVeg…absolutely everything and nothing!! We help households grow their own veg 365 days a year outside with no digging, no weeding, no slugs and snails, no soil, taking up very little ground space AND VERY little watering!! 
The veg grows in water and minerals only which is circulating through the system all the time (well at least in the day.. as the plants sleep at night!). The plants get all the water, minerals and oxygen they need to grow quickly and healthily. 
At this moment in our HydroVeg Kit we have Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Chard, Spring Greens, Cabbage, Purple sprouting Broccoli, Courgettes, Aubergine, French Beans, Tomatoes and Peas all happily growing. So much so we are taking them to the Cotswold Show in the HydroVeg Kit on Saturday and Sunday. 
Hydroponic gardening has been around for thousands of years, back to the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, but like all great things we loose sight of it. Well its back and living in gardens all over the country growing veg to pick and eat when you like. 
Watering the HydroVeg Kit is easy, the water is held in the water box at the side of the Kit with the minerals added, then it only needs to be topped up. In the steamy hot temperatures of this past few weeks we have averaged 5 -8 litres of water to sustain 41 very thirsty plants. That’s just over a watering can a day!! A watering can will only water about 2 hanging baskets in conventional gardens!! 
What about the winter….well as much as we are having a boiling summer, we also experienced a tough cold winter with temperatures reaching minus 12 degrees. 
Well our HydroVeg Kit did freeze, but the plants were winter plants and would freeze in the ground anyway. They all survived and I was delighted to take a “Spring Green” plant with us to the Gardeners World and Good Food Show this June… which survived all through the winter into the summer. It’s still going, which is more than I can say for its friends – as we ate those!! I will be taking it to the Cotswold Show this weekend too! 
See it in the photo attached to this blog!! 
So winter, summer, what ever the weather throws at us there is still a great way to grow and eat your own VEG!! 
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On 10th November 2018 at 11:12, Vasanth Anju wrote:
Thanks for this blog. The roots of the plants are directly dipped into the mineral water and the energy needed for the plant growth is transferred directly to the plants. For this reason, hydroponics garden always gives a high yield.
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On 29th September 2018 at 12:41, Vasanth Anju wrote:
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